Sliding Glass Door Repair Service

If you have a sliding glass door in your home but it has been making squeaking noises or has become too heavy for open or too close. In this guide, we will guide simple steps on how to repair a sliding glass door.

Initially, the most common reason that slows down the sliding doors is the jammed rollers that hamper the door’s function. Readjusting the rollers screw might all be needed and if that does not work, the bigger operation is needed on sliding doors.

If you notice that the rollers are jammed from your visual inspection, and then move ahead in finding the compatible set of rollers. They can be obtained from your local hardware store or online. Do take care that the manufacturer of the door and its dimension while buying the rollers.

Next, we move to the step of unscrewing various glass doors. Remove the screws one by one (keep track from your removed screw) and carefully place the door on the table. Better get help from your family members in lifting the frame.

If the glass is toughened, the weight of both the door will be high. If you think, the work is too much for you then better takes help from a professional.

Next, come to the important step of replacing the roller assembly. In some cases, you would be able to remove the junk that could be hampering the smooth flow of the rollers.

But if the door is old, chances are that the rollers would have worn out by now. But remove the set and take it along with you to the store to buy a similar assembly.

Once you replace the assembly. Clean the track of the door of any dust particles or other small components.

And now fit the door back into the frame. Tighten the screw back and ensure that all are again put into their holes.

If you are lucky, the sliding door would be smooth in its function and if not, better call a professional any way instead of doing the entire process for the next couple of hours again.

Our sliding glass door repair experts have helped residents in replacing, repair as well as installing a sliding glass door. Quality and timely service is our biggest USP and we ensure that our customer is completely satisfied with our work.

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